Measure Q will upgrade and improve all Fresno Unified schools

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Measure Q - the $280 million school bond on the Nov. 2, 2010 ballot - will keep Fresno Unified School District moving forward without raising taxes. Measure Q will improve school campuses in every neighborhood of the district, without raising the current authorized tax rate, by:

  • Upgrading and improving all Fresno Unified schools
  • Supporting preparation of career-ready graduates through expansion of
    career tech facilities
  • Investing in renovation and repair of all schools
  • Continuing classroom technology upgrades
  • Addressing the dropout issue by investing in alternative and continuing
    education facilities

Measure Q is right for our community; good for our neighborhoods and most of all, important for our children. Join a broad coalition of parents, teachers, principals, and business and community leaders in voting YES on Measure Q!